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At 38 weeks, Jianna’s pregnancy had been a breeze. But the anticipation of having a happy baby girl turned into agonizing anger and confusion when Mackensie Owenn Wright was born sleeping on November 2, 2011.

nurses with amazing compassion

In Jianna’s state of shock, strength and courage came from an amazing team of nurses at Avista Hospital. They gave Jianna and her family time with their daughter that they will cherish forever. From the nurses’ compassion, the Wishbone Foundation was born.

every hospital should have well-trained nurses

Jianna and her husband Brad found out first hand that families need well-trained nurses to deal with such a delicate and emotional situation. Every hospital should have that. Unfortunately, that is not the case. We had to change that. Learn more about the need.


to provide expert bereavement and self-care education to professionals directly impacting families that have experiences a perinatal loss 

We provide training and resources to nurses and their labor and delivery teams so they can support grieving families experiencing miscarriage, stillborn and early infant death. Learn what we do.

Without proper training and resources, labor and delivery teams can’t offer the support families need. Our vision is that no family has to endure the tragic loss of a baby without the caring support of well-trained bereavement teams. Learn how you can help.

“The bereavement nurses became our lifeline! I am not sure where we would be today without the support and resources they gave us.”
Jianna Wright – Founder

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