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Your gift to the Wishbone Foundation enables us to provide training and resources necessary to empower the labor and delivery teams to give the best level of support to grieving families when they need it the most.

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Thousands of Babies Are Stillborn

Nearly one in 200 pregnancies in the United States results in a stillbirth. The loss of a child is one of the most devastating experiences a family can have and the grief parents endure is immeasurable.

Teams Lack Bereavement Training

Very few hospitals have teams trained to support families that lose a baby. For hospitals that do, it’s an invaluable resource that provides strength, courage and hope to families. Help us provide training for nurses »

Funding is Needed

Labor and delivery teams and social workers need our help to receive training and materials that will help them support families physically and emotionally. Donate Now»

A sincere thank you to the Wishbone Foundation for an absolutely incredible and life changing conference. Really opened my eyes and fueled my passion for helping families during times of loss. What an incredibly meaningful and emotional 2 days!! This should be standard education for every L&D and NICU employee! Thank you so much!

Amy Hill

“I have been a social worker for 20 years. I just finished the Wishbone Foundation’s bereavement training for infant loss and it is by far the best training on infant loss. Thank you for sharing all the families’ stories of loss, strength, and courage! You have impacted my work more than you will ever know. Bless you!”

Shannon McPherson

This has been a phenomenal training. After many years of being a social worker, I can honestly say this is the most helpful and enlightening training I have been to. Thank you for your rawness and passion for this cause!

Tiffany Glick, Social Worker

The Wishbone Foundation is filling a need that has gone under-served. There are several establishments providing support for families after they leave the hospital, but there is not an organization currently dedicated to providing the training and support for the labor and delivery teams at no cost to them.

Two Days of Bereavement Training

The two day training will incorporate specific cases, a parent panel, small group breakout sessions, and comprehensive bereavement skill training that is led by experienced bereavement nurses and doctors of psychology. We strive for every attendee to walk away with confidence and new skills to support grieving families.

One Day of in-depth Bereavement Coordinator Training

The training will incorporate educating parents on grief, how to handle the unknown, and comprehensive skills to build your bereavement teams. We strive for every attendee to walk away with confidence and new skills to support grieving families.

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