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Having a child is a special time in a family’s life, an unforgettable experience.  As a nurse or member of a labor and delivery team, you are truly the heart and soul of providing that experience for the families. While childbirth usually is a joyous time it can be a scary experience for some if it is complicated by medical conditions or the loss of a baby.  The Wishbone Foundation understands this and through our mission we want to ensure that you are adequately trained and prepared for these types of situations.

Wishbone Bereavement Training

This 2-day training incorporates real life scenarios with comprehensive bereavement skill training. Get hands-on training that teaches you and your teams how to understand and cope with the situation on a personal level.

  • Receive CEU (Continuing Education Units) accredited bereavement and care-taking training.
  • Learn from experienced bereavement nurses and doctors of psychology.
  • Walk away confident in your ability to support grieving families.

Training Details

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