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Honoring a beautiful snow angel

Last month Wishbone Foundation was honored to be the recipient of donations spearheaded by Meghan Dukes.  Meghan organized a collection of donations from a group of over 20 friends and family members raising over $2000.  Here is her story and inspiration…

“Henry is the beautiful snow angel of our dear friends – Molly & Rob Layton. He was born and then gone in a day on December 6th.  This year would have been his first birthday. A group of us wanted to be able to do something to celebrate him and his amazing parents and know that they not only were supported by healthcare professionals that had been trained by your foundation, but have also found a community and outlet for their love and grieving over the past year taking part in one of your training sessions as well as your summer golf tournament.

The entire Layton/Zier family has meant so much to all of us over the years, we wanted to be able to extend our support to an organization that they hold so close to their hearts.  We want to bring more awareness to your foundation by sharing the story of Henry’s birthday donation.”

The Wishbone Foundation is extremely grateful for the generosity and support of Meghan and her friends and family.  It is incredible to see how contributions in all amounts from many people can have a huge impact.  Through this donation we will be able to send another eight healthcare professionals through our training.  We are so honored to be able to help families and caregivers across Colorado.  Thank you!


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