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The Life of a NICU Nurse

So many of us are dedicated to our professions, yet a NICU nurse is truly something special. Their passion and dedication they have to the littlest, most vulnerable patients is awe-inspiring. They take in these little patients and love them as if they were their own and yet remain extremely professional.

I have often thought about what it must be like to be a NICU nurse. The ups and downs they experience everyday are so different than the ups and downs most of us experience in our jobs. They get to witness miraculous things. They watch babies and families getting stronger and stronger. The sense of satisfaction they must feel when their patients graduate from the NICU and go home must be amazing. They also witness the most tragic events with a family, losing an infant. The heartache they must feel on these days would make it hard for many to return to work. Yet somehow they do it, day after day.

There are special people in this world. People who do jobs that many of us could not. Jobs that are so emotionally charged with extremes of good and bad. To all the NICU nurses out there, you have my upmost respect! Thank you for your dedication, passion, and commitment to our littlest patients.

We at the Wishbone Foundation are here to support you. We understand the emotional roller coaster you experience in your job. We understand you grieve just as the families of the NICU grieve. We hope you will take advantage of our bereavement training twice a year. We would love to have the opportunity to help you with the loss you experience in your job.

If you love a NICU nurse as much we do, please sponsor a nurse by donating to the Wishbone Foundation today.

– Amy Camp (Board Member)

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