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Working out for Wishbone

On March 23, 2013 I was eight months pregnant and had the horrible feeling that something wasn’t right so went to the hospital where they confirmed that feeling.  For causes unknown, our expected daughter, Peyton, wasn’t going to be joining us so I had to deliver her still.  During the delivery process, my uterus ruptured so that quickly turned into emergency surgery for me, but put things into perspective for us and fortunately they were able to keep me here.  Like many people, my husband, Dennis, and I initially were unsure of the “right” way to handle the situation that seemed so wrong, but we were fortunate to have an experienced charge nurse who understood what we needed and helped guide us in making the decisions we made that have allowed us to have no regrets looking back at the situation.

Several of the members and staff where I teach group fitness classes reached out to see how they could help.  Kate Papke, the group exercise coordinator at Colorado Athletic Club Downtown, came up with the idea: Workout for Wishbone.  To attend my Cycle and Sports Conditioning classes at the two clubs on August 27 and 28, members and non-members donated $20 or more (many generous folks went much beyond the suggested donation!) to reserve their bikes or spots in class.  Local companies like Love Grown and Teatulia donated hot oats and tea for participants.  Colorado Athletic Club provided swag and 100% of the proceeds generated went to Wishbone Foundation.

Dennis and I were blown away by the support from members, staff, and friends I hadn’t seen in months who came in person and donated online to support the cause. Many people have approached me since announcing the event and have shared similar stories that I had no idea about prior to our experience and how they are glad I was open about the situation and have gotten involved with an organization like Wishbone that through training nurses on the process helps families navigate the road to recovery.

While we can’t change the outcome that future families will have to endure going through similar situations, by supporting Wishbone Foundation, we can help soften the blow that comes from the shattered dreams of the future together with their babies.

-Katie Hardie

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